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 hosted by Jumping Fences


Foco Nuevo is the performance project of Brisbane-based Jumping Fences, the songwriting/performing partnership of Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse. It was initially organised in association with Ahimsa House, a community space in West End, Brisbane.

The name Foco Nuevo refers to Brisbane’s FOCO Club, a lively and alternative performance space which ran on a weekly basis during the late 1960s. The mix of music and social issues has given a particular character to Brisbane music over several decades, and has never been far from the inspiration behind the song writing of Jumping Fences. Their original work and the influence of their long association with Latin American music have given them a unique profile in Brisbane.

Foco Nuevo is a performing space that draws on the approach of the Latin American 'peña', and places it in the Australian context, with a diversity of guest performers and a focus on original material.

It commenced on 28 March, 2008.

Thanks to Manuel, Steve and Tim for their photos.